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New timers! Score!

I've been using online timers for a while now.  Today I pulled up the usual site I used and just out of curiosity sake I looked to see if they had added any new timers....and they had!

They actually had a section of timers I'd never seen....highlighted in yellow below.."Classroom Timers". 

Candle counter

Times up!



My you're a firework!

The fireworks are complete with whistling and popping sound effects. The kids LOOOVED it! Try it out at Online Stopwatch!


  1. Glad you like the new timers -- thanks for taking the time to share them with others :-)

    If anyone has any more countdown or stopwatch ideas – please let us know!

    Kind regards,


  2. Great timers! I'll be sure to share with my teachers! I'm in the process of loading a bunch of resources I use as an elementary counselor. Hopefully you can find something useful. :)



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