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Creepy Animal Adaptations-Halloween Freebie!

 We are wrapping up our unit and plant and animal adaptations so in order to review and keep things in the spirit of gross-creepy-coolness I made this I Have/Who Has game. I have LOVED teaching this unit. I love critters of all kinds and have learned a lot along with my students and hopefully passed along some of my nature lover vibes to my students. Even the grossest, weirdest of living things serve a purpose and deserve to be appreciated.

One peice of advice...this can be tricky, so the cards are in order when you print them. The pic above is only a snippit of the set. There are 23 cards in all.  Read over them before you pass them out, or on the back write letters to spell out your name 1 letter at a time or something fun like "Happy Halloween". Enjoy!

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