Words of gold....

 One thing I've learned about 3rd graders....they think they are right. They don't mean to argue with adults, it's just...you are wrong and they are right and they are just explaining. They are doing you a favor. You should be grateful. This is their perception, and you know what they say about perception...it is reality.

So I've been training myself to rephrase things in a way that stops any arguing, excuse me, any student lead explanations of misbehavior. I found a great guide that has helped me rephrase my words, it's from Love and Logic of course!


  1. I use this exact same thing! Isn't it amazing? =)

    I use Conscious Discipline too and it is built on many of the same foundations. One of the things CD says is that no one can make you angry without your permission. I love that!

    CD also says that what kiddos hear now becomes their inner speech for the rest of their lives. That is so powerful and is a great reminder that we need to watch our words because they can either build a child up or knock them down.

    I recently shared a poem called "A Heart of Patience" that I would love for you to come read and grab. I think it is a good reminder to all teachers and parents. =)

    Thank you for being such a blessing through your blog.

    Heather's Heart

  2. I learned something similar during my training - thanks for the reminder! And I really enjoyed feeding the fish...

  3. Awesome resource to have in lesson plan book and sub folder! Thank you for sharing!


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