Fantastic Four Spelling

During our Word Work portion of our LA block, I have switched up a few different ideas this year of how students go about managing this independent center. I wasn't happy with the quality of their work or their level of independence, so I adjusted.

This week we started doing the "Fantastic Four" for spelling. Each day, Monday-Thursday, students complete 1 spelling activity from their weekly "Fantastic Four" assignment sheet (hence the four in Fantastic Four). They keep it in their binder each day.  On Friday, test day, they staple all their work to their assignment sheet and turn it in.

If you have RTI needs or just parents who need some kind of guide for how to do spelling at home, try a separate "Fantastic Four" for home. I was very happy with how that center moved along this week, and the test scores made me happy too! If there is interest, I'll update as I change what the choices are for my student's assignment sheets.

Last week we had "ghost writing" as an option. Students write the word in white crayon on white paper, then waterpaint over the word. They loved it, but I took it off this week only because I need more paints!


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