Author's Purpose Sort

I am loving the cool PIE finds from Pinterest, it's helping my students so much with our study of author's purpose. I wanted to give them a little bit of a review of some information from other subjects and a chance to put their knowledge of PIE into practice, so I made this author's purpose sorting activity. If you want to use it with a young class (1st or 2nd) the teacher will probably have to read it to them, but it's perfect for 3rd graders...especially Georgia 3rd graders! :) Link here!

NOTE: There is an small error...read the comments below for lowdown. :)



  1. Thanks! This is a great activity!
    Emily K

  2. Thank you! I hope it works well for you!

  3. just did this with my class. There were 4 informative paragraphs and only 2 entertaining ones is there supposed to be 3 of each?
    Thanks for the activity

  4. I just did this with my class...and found out I made 2 boxes for government (inform) and left out 1 box for entertain. Can you tell we had our government benchmark test I was emphasizing! :D Sorry to anyone who wanted to use it and found it confusing.

    What we did end up doing is gluing the extra box on the back and the students wrote an example of "entertaining" in the empty box. Worked out fine :)


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