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Bloom's Taxonomy Score!

I've been trying to create materials to use with my volunteers and tutors to make sure they are asking questions on all levels of Bloom's. Once I started this, I noticed that I need to broaden my range myself. I found this wonderful resource tonight, Applying Bloom's Taxonomy. The link takes you to a page with ALL levels, but I just snipped the higher levels to show a sample. I'm so smitten right now!

I LOVE that it has the "useful verbs" section. That is so open ended I can think of a million ways to apply it in a million different situations.

The sample questions are a great lead for my volunteers, tutors, student teachers, etc.

Lastly, the "potential activities and products"....WOW.  I mean...yeah.... WOW.

Next get my STUDENTS asking all levels of questions!

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  1. Thank you! I'm working on a referral and needed reminders of appropriate and helpful verbiage. Great link!


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