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Time Management: It's for me as much as it is for them!

 Third grade is so much faster paced that I imagined. My day flies by and if I don't watch it...I get wrapped up in one mini-lesson, or one coaching session, and BOOM! I'm off schedule. I've taken to using Online Stopwatch to help me stay on schedule, and to give the children a visual to know how much time they have left before we transition to our next segment of our day. I use it on my Promethean board, but even if you only had a computer screen, you can adjust the size to fill the screen, and adjust the volume to be loud enough for the class to hear well enough to transition.

Check out the super cool visuals this site offers:

Analog Clock: The time is set automatically, and you set the green hand to be the "stop" time. An alarm will sound when time is up.

We are the BOMB: The fuse burns down then BOOM!

The hand moves and lets students see how much time we've used, and how much we have left. 

Simple digital count down.


My favorite: the sand timer. I use a chime at the end, and it's a soothing way to transition.


The best part is all of this is customizable. You can pick if you want to countdown, or maybe you want to count UP, to track stamina. You can customize the sound of each alarm also.



  1. I use this in my classroom too. Not on aregular basis but if there is something I need them to be particularly quick about doing----Friday deask clean up for example. Or if we are doing a fluency math test.

  2. I use the basic one, I had not realized there were more options on it. Thanks!

  3. Great, I love this for time keeping for centers! Thanks! :)

  4. I love the different options too! Thanks for commenting you guys :)


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