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Oh the Job of all Jobs!

I report to pre-planning....NEXT WEEK.

I moved and crammed my classroom into my new classroom in a couple of hours back in May and I haven't been back to work....

I have the job of jobs in front of me, and of course I am racking my brain trying to come up with a way to get help...threats, bribery, begging....there's no shame in this game.

I will have 22 five year old helpers in a short matter of time, so I made a huge list of potential jobs for my job chart. I use a pocket chart with their names. In front of their name is their job, and behind their name is their Trojan G.O.L.D (tokens for our school wide Positive Behavior System).  Kills three birds with one stone and changes out super easy. Click HERE to get this UPDATED freebie.

I would not suggest introducing all these at once, but slowly. I just made a whole bunch because I really don't know what I'm going to need. :)

If you think of a job that's not listed, let me know!



  1. Do you have a CD player in your room? I have a "DJ" who is in charge of playing the music during writing time or any other time the kids could use some tunes. The kids love it!

    Also, I had the "door holder" as one of my jobs and then someone suggested to eliminate that job because the kids should learn to hold the door for the person behind them. Unfortunately, that is not always modeled for them at home and we need to teach them. That's what courteous people do outside of school. Something to think about...

  2. yes, i do...and I totally forgot that job!

    It takes a whole body to hold our heavy metal doors with the little squirts in Pre-K and K, but that is a great point for older kids!

    Check the link in a little while and it will have DJ...wica wica!


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