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I need to follow more blogs!

As we wrapped up CRCT this week I found out that next year I will be a KINDERGARTEN teacher!  We had a good bit of shuffling occur this week amongst the staff, so I will be going back to my roots.

As I processed this huge change these were the things running through my mind...

YES! I get to do read alouds in my goofy over the top way again and kids will laugh WITH me! ;)
OH NO! I have to pack up and move. Again!

YES! I don't have CRCT looming over me every single day of the school year.
OH NO! I am going to have to laminate and cut out a bunch of stuff!

YES! I get to watch kids move from learning letters and sounds to reading words, writing their own stories. I get to MAKE readers!!!!
OH NO! I will miss literature circles and listening to fluent readers read their own writing to me.

The list goes on and on, back and forth. The bottom line is I love both the little bitties and the "big kids" (our school is pre-K through 3rd) and I have the unique perspective of knowing both ends of the spectrum.

Now, my most DIRE and PRESSING issue is....which Kindergarten blogs do I need to start following and how do I ever begin to weed out the list I'm following now! :)) Seriously, recommend some K blogs to me, especially anyone teaching K in Georgia. 



  1. Hello, Tracey! I just found your blog. Kindergarten from! You can do it! I taught preschool many years ago but have been in third grade for 15 years. I'm your newest follower. Come by when you get a chance!

    Bloggy Blessings,

    The Teacher's Chatterbox

  2. I agree with Rebecca! You CAN DO IT! My team teacher just came from K to 2nd and she is in heaven because they can do SO much, but she does miss the little ones. Even though I teach 2nd you might be able to use some of my tech ideas on my new blog. I found you on TBA! Good luck!

  3. Hi Tracey, I taught kindergarten for the past 5 years. This year I moved to first grade. I just continued where I left off, sort of. Anyway, I would love to have you visit my blog. Most of my ideas can be modified for kindergarten through 2nd grade. Since I changed grades, I make sure everything I make can be used in multiple grade levels. My centers are differentiated to meet the kiddos needs that are struggling, or that need a challenge. For example, I have 2 Ocean Themed centers for free that I just posted about, where the vocabulary is varied for k-2. Stop on by and visit. Grab the freebies. You will definitely want to check out Miss Wills Kindergarten and Chalktalk, I used them quite a bit in kindergarten last year. They both have fabulous ideas. You will love kindergarten, they are so honest and say the cutest things.
    Classroom Companion

  4. Changes grades is always a little challenging...but fun at the same time! I just started following your blog and can't wait to read back through your posts for some ideas in my classroom!


  5. I teach K in GA!!! That's so exciting!! Deanna Jump(looks like you follow her), Kindergarten Crayons, HeidiSongs, etc... are blogs you might want to look at:)! Pinterest is a great resource. I love Kindergarten!!! You still can have students reading fluently and also reading their own writing-love listening to them read!! There is a blog study on the Daily Five tomorrow (
    Sandra Hogan

  6. Hi, Tracey! You can do this. Voice of experience here...I went from 4th to Kindergarten as a result of moving to a different state and that was the first job offered to me. I reluctantly took it, thinking if I got my foot in the door, I could change grades eventually. I didn't count on falling in love with those little ones! 16 years later, and I've been in KK ever since, with the exception of a couple of looping years up to first grade. Check out these blogs to get you started:

    Good luck with everything!!!


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