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You Tube: You Scare Me

The world is a crazy place, and You Tube seems to be a smorgasbord for craziness. It's a great educational tool, but you have to be very careful when using it in the classroom. Case in point, I wanted to use this short video about Susan B. Anthony in social studies, but notice the sidebar...."I need to poop". I have a feeling that my entire social studies class would have ended with every single student exchanging bathroom jokes, and very few able to talk about the amazing work of Susan B. Anthony.

This is where Quietube comes in. <<Sidenote: Didn't even notice the comment in the You Tube comment box above!  Sheesh! >>>  Quietube is free, and really easy to use, especially on Mozilla Firefox. You simply go to screen looks like this:

You follow the directions and drag the quietube button up to your toolbar (favorites bar on Firefox) and viola!  Now, when you are on You Tube and want to use a video in class, you simply click your Quietube button you saved on your favorites toolbar and it magically transforms it to something like this:
That's it.  No comments. No side bar naughtiness.  The links can still be used in slideshows and interactive whiteboard files too....and blogs! Here's the link to the video in the post, check it out!



  1. Wow, thanks so much for sharing! You're so lucky you're able to show YouTube videos at school. Ours are blocked, but it's clearly kind of a double edged sword. Love this idea :)

    Living A Wonderful Life

  2. Yep, mine are blocked from time to time too...but I can quietube them, and email the quietube links to my school email addy and voila! Glad you found it helpful :)

  3. This is so brilliant!! I get really annoyed when kids see the sidebar stuff and whine and ask and yell to see other videos...

  4. THIS IS AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing. You get an award! Head over to my blog to accept it.


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