Fact/Opinion and ROLL TIDE!


Being in the SEC and being an Alabama gal teaching and living and Georgia, football is the current hot topic in my classroom. I introduced fact and opinion on Friday with a fun powerpoint I found for free on TpT that focuses on High School Musical. They were so motivated and giggled the whole way through the presentation. It encouraged me to use more topics that my students are interested in.

The nice part about this, is I secretly get to try to indoctrinate my Georgia Bulldawg students into a Crimson Tide way of thinking  <<insert evil cackle>>. It's a freebie you are welcome to, please say thank you by posting a big ROLL TIDE in the comments..even if it hurts a little ;) Link to file.



  1. I love this activity! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This is cute! As a fellow SEC gal (Go Cocks!) I totally understand the importance of college football. Not sure who I'll root for tonight, but it'll probably be Bama. Love your blog!!

    Living A Wonderful Life

  3. What a simple, great idea! So many of my students are involved in following sports and other activities, this is a great way to practice fact and opinion and to make it real for them! I could see using this for the Final Four, American Idol, the Super Bowl...all sorts of things! Thanks for sharing!

    Lifelong Learning


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