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My Work Space

Is there anyone out there that doesn't get inspired by Clutter Free Classroom? I know I do! As you all know by know I'm in a new grade, new classroom, dealing with letting go of a lot of old, precious materials and learning how to manage the new ones. I gave up my teacher desk this year to make room for books and cozy reading spots for the kids in my classroom. No matter how hard I try, I always feel this area is cluttered.

Keep in mind this is at the end of a day, I have not tidied up at all, and some of this stuff is attached to the wall and can't be moved.

This is the view facing my space. I do reading groups, science/ss small groups, and work from here. The magnetic white board has my need to know info on it.I have a few graphic organizers on the wall that we use during reading groups. My sound system and dvd/vcr player on attached to the wall, can't be moved, right above my printer and monitor, which also can't really be moved.  On the bookshelf I have my RTI stuff, data notebooks, teacher guides (that I do use), storage drawers with office supplies, etc.
This is a side view. Shudder. In the red/green/yellow cubby I have my personal items. The table with the computer is my catch all and I hate how junky it gets. I need every space at my group table and must have a computer in this corner, it runs my Activboard and can't be moved.

Eww. Beside my book shelf I have this paper organizer, which is adorable, but can't hold a stack of 21 papers w/out slipping out. It drives me insane. I have my filing cabinet so I can lock my purse up, that's the only reason really.

This is just embarrassing.

Another view so you can see my "stuff" behind my desk.
 My plan for this week is to purge, reorganize, purge, give stuff away, and purge.

I  have a few things in mind...
1. No putting stuff on top of the book shelf. EVER.
2. If the cute paper thing isn't working for you, give it a new owner and a new purpose.
3. Make another table skirt for the computer table to hide that colorful drawer and possibly the little filing cabinet.

I don't know what to do about....
1. My magnetic board. I hate the way it looks but it's so functional for me. I put phone messages, passwords for things i never can remember, memos about changes to transportation, etc. I have used that same board for years and neeeeeeed it.
2. The wall mounted stuff. I had a fake plant on top if it, but that just added more clutter. It's ugly. it's in a weird place. I can't move it.
3. A better way to showcase our graphic organizers. We use them a lot and I can't reach well to hang them up because of all the furniture. I need something other than hot glue to hang them with. I need clips or something so I can stand in a chair (no higher than that because that involves find a ladder) and hang them up.

I will share my after pics in a week. I am open to suggestions. I really do need some input!


  1. I know what you mean about the wall mounted stuff. Yours is pretty small, compared to the one I have. I would try to hang a more permanent poster or anchor chart above it, something to draw the attention upward.


  2. I have a few ideas for you that may or may not help.

    1) The bookshelf: I saw this great pin on pinterest where someone made curtains for the shelf. It would hide everything but still be useable. Somewhere else I saw someone make a bulletin board out of fabric with clear pockets to but posters in. Perhaps you could combine the two and have one of your graphic organizers on either side of the opening. However, this may make it hard to open and close the curtain. Just thinking outloud.

    2) The magnetic white board: A few ideas different ideas. 1 - you could decorate it with bulletin boarder to give it some flare. Could do the same thing with ribbon, fur, or other materials of your choosing. 2 - You could spray paint it any color you want. I just took my white boards and sprayed them with chalk board paint for a matte look. They are still magnetic. 3 - You could pick up your favorite vinyl quote (or make one with a cricut machine) and place it in the middle of your board. Then it would be an inspiration point for you but still useable as you are currently. 4 - Do a combination of the things above. 5 - use it for your graphic organizers and get a 3-ring binder with page protectors for your notes.

    3-ring binder idea... I saw this yesterday. A teacher keeps all of her stuff in a bag under her table so its always portable. The notebook houses all the things posted on the wall. This way she has it but it is not clutter.

    3 - Wall in general -- what about creating an ecletic focal point. Think of photos in the hall of a house. You have framed photos, shelves, sayings, etc.. but in your case a white board, the ugly thing, and graphic organizers. For example - create a bunch of 12x12 tiles. some of those tiles will be your graphic organizers, some will be corkboard to hang things one, some will be white boards (they have a calendar one, a to do list one, and others). Decorate the power strip with ribbon. Then randomly place them on the wall as you would photos in a hall.

    No clue if my ramblings will help. Just thought I would chat for awhile. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Girl! This is all great advice that I'm taking to heart! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to offer up some help :) I'm touched!

  4. Swing arm curtain rods for the book shelves!!!

    1. What are swing arm curtain rods? I've never seen/heard of them before but I'm intrigued!

  5. I love your space and here you on things that we have to have around us whether it looks or not they function for us. I'm wondering if the poster meant extension rods. I have two for my curtains and have to replace one of them- it is very bowed in the middle. Good luck and I can't wait to see what else you do.


  6. Oh I love your little stools. Everything is so cute!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  7.'re it!
    I have tagged you in my a follower and LOVE your blog. Thanks for your great ideas/resources.


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