I've been tagged :)

Keri at Teach Play Smile has tagged me in the longest tag ever ;)  

Here are the rules of  BLOGGY TAG:

1.  Post the rules
2.  Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3.  Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people
 you tagged.
4.  Tag 12 people and link them in your post.
5.  Let them know that they have been tagged.

12 Fun Facts
1. I make an awesome monkey noise.
2. I make an even better pig grunting noise.
3. When I have the hiccups, I can will myself to stop. o0
4. I'm from Alabama.
5. I met my  husband when I was 5.
6. Even though I'm from Alabama and met my husband when I was 5, we did not marry until we were in college (ok...we were barely sophmores)!
7. I keep a packed bag in my trunk at all times, in case I need clothes, or in case I decide on whim to go on an overnight trip.
8. Before I was a mom, I would up and leave town and use said bag.
9. When my son was little (2-5) he loved Thomas the Tank Engine. He once called me a "galloping sausage" when he was frustrated with me, like in the cartoon.
10. My family at holidays does bad karoke and "talent shows". It's so bad, and so wonderful. <3
11. I was voted "friendliest" in my class in 5th grade. I moved that year in March and before the year was out I was voted "friendlest" at my new school too. :)
12. I love corny jokes, knock knock jokes, and puns. The cheesier the better.

Responses to Teach Play Smile
1. What is your favorite item in your classroom?
My Promethean board. It's being replaced right now and I miss it!

2. What was one thing you've learned since your first year of teaching?
To not let teaching take over my life. I am an "all out" person by nature, but if I died tomorrow there would be a sub in my room and my family would never be the same.

3. What is your favorite subject to teach?

4. Do you have a pet peeve?
A million of them! One would be when people say "But it's free". Nothing is free.

5. When do you teach reading? Morning or Afternoon?
First thing every morning.

6. What is the first thing your students do when they arrive in the morning?
Make a lunch choice and start their morning work.

7. What is your favorite unit that you teach?
I loved teaching plant and animal adaptations this year.

8. If you could have any piece of technology in your classroom, what would it be?
an Ipad

9. Where were you born?

10. How often do you switch seats/desks in your classroom throughout the year?
Someone is moving every 2-3 weeks.

11. Name an intervention program that you use in your school.
Coach books

12. Describe a memorable moment you have had during your teaching career.  

My last year in pre-K (last year) I had the sweetest, most loving, little class. On a fall nature walk we had a leaf fight. We all laughed until we just laid down in the leaves exhausted. :)

My Questions
1. What do you do to de-stress?
2. Describe your favourite dinner?
3. What do you do on Friday night?
4. Do you have any hobbies?
5. Why did you start blogging?
6. Would you rather teacher 20 eighth graders or 30 first graders?
7. How far do you live from where you grew up?
8. Would you ever teach a member of your family (eg child, nephew, niece). Why or why not?
9. Do you want to be a principal someday?
10. Do most people seem pleased or upset when you tell them that you are a teacher?
11. How long does it take you to get to work?
12. How much time a week do you spend planning, preparing etc (other than the time spent at school)?

I have TAGGED...
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and Delena at Learn with Me in Grade Three

Ok, I kinda messed that up and answered the wrong set of questions, but whatevs. There is also no way I can tag 12 people. Yikes! Just consider me your differentiated poster. =P  It was a long day! 


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  1. lol!! i hear ya...this is a loooooooong game of tag...but fun, fun, fun
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