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A Reason to Shop

I am having a great summer...lots of family time, lots of down time, lots of time in the sunshine, on the four wheeler, in the water....and at the Dollar Tree. I am finding some great bits of inspiration at Target's Dollar Spot, Big Lots, Hobby Lobby, and don't forget good old Wal-Mart. Here a few things I found tonight at the Dollar Tree.   Pardon the cell phone pics!

  Spin and Learn facts about each President

To match my ocean theme...sea creature cold packs for bumps and bruises. I hope we don't use these very often, but better safe than sorry. 
Bulletin board letters...solid green, pink polka dots, and blue squares.

 Homophone cards to use in a center or to send home for extra practice.

 Two when I call and complain that my room is too warm, I have double proof ;) 

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  1. You've got some great finds! I've not seen the thermometers. I need to look for those on my next trip.


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