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256....and counting.....

Yep...that's the number of books I've bought in a week from local thrift stores. I got a whole brown grocery bag full for $8. That's a sweet deal. What's even better, they were already leveled for AR by their former owner, a teacher named Gerry Jones. I know this because she also stamped each book with her name. Small price to pay for Pony Pals, Boxcar Children, and lots of good nonfiction science books about weird bugs and ferocious sharks. I am determined to find THE book that will light the spark in the students who don't already love reading, and make them the kids that wait for the bus reading a book, fight over reading vs. being car sick on the way to wal-mart, and yes...even have a dusty x-box and books with cracked spines. Oh yeah....I'm ready!


  1. Boxcar Children are Zoe's FAVORITE books! She checks them out at the library like crazy and buys them from Wiley's Bookstore whenever she has extra money!! What thrift store are you getting all these from?

  2. I love your passion for books and finding them for cheap! And I love the line about the dusty X-box! I'm right there with ya!

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  3. Wow, you are my idol! I am on the lookout for more this summer. What a find, congrats!
    Kristen :)


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