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My New Space

Welcome to my new classroom! Believe it or not I have worked many, many hours already, just sifting through supplies, organizing materials, wondering "what in the world do I do with this", and "will this work in my classroom they way it's working in my brain"? I'm posting scary pics today, with the promise to post happy happy joy joy pics in the next 2 weeks. You will love it so much, you will hear a herald of angels singing! 

The view from my front door. You can see lots supplies with no home, my old curtains, my white board, and my Promethean board.
I have my student desks set up in pods. I have a blank bulletin board. I have 2 book shelves with Pre-K a 3rd grade classroom. I have a kidney shaped table.

My kidney shaped table again, infront of cabinets! They were full, but I cleaned them out. Note the text books in the corner. Need better storage for those!

My "art" shelf.  Posters, pocket charts, glue, paints, markers, dry erase materials, etc. And a popcorn popper, because it fits there, sorta.

My poor bored kiddo, keeping me company at 8:30 am in a room that is making him sweat as he plays his DS. Bless him. That chair is the "Red Rooster". I inherited it from the previous teachers, and he loves it.

My back door. Note the trashy fan blowing air in, more boxes, broken blinds, patched up wall, and of course...boxes. I'm getting overwhelmed just looking. 

Opposite the backdoor, shelving! Under the shelving...

cubbies....or as they will now be referred to "Lockers". 1 for each student for book bag, jacket, Trojan Gold Pouch, etc. Above the cubbies I will store Glad containers/supply boxes for each student.

*Some* of the books I got this summer that need shelving on make believe shelves in make believe containers.

Hate me's another closet! We are departmentalized and I will not be teaching math, so I need to get all that math stuff moved somewhere else to make room for things I need to put my hands on every day. 



  1. Wow. I'm overwhelmed just looking at that! We can't go in early, so it's all there waiting for me in August (along with 3 sets of books for 10 other teachers - joys of being team leader!)
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  2. We go back August 1, so I am "on it" so to speak. It's both exhausting and energizing. I freaking love teaching!

    シ Tracey
    Our Cool School

  3. Hi Tracey!! I was so happy see I am not the only one that drags my kids to school over the summer!! I pack up the DS's, snacks games and movies!! We go back August 13th but I started going back in after July 4th!!! Addicted to Teaching!!! My friends all think I am nuts!! They just don't know what they are missing when you spend your days in Kindergarten!! I love your Blog!! I have a Blog too but am not real good at posting ver often but I urge do spend hours reading everyone else's Posts!! Happy Back to School!!


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