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I have, who has...ROCKS

 I am so very excited to teach science to 3rd graders! I am a big ole science nerd at heart and love looking for interactive ways to teach the standards and review material. I found a game called "I have, who has" and rewrote it to fit our first unit on Rocks, Minerals, and Soil. Each child gets a card. The child with the "I am first" card reads the question on their card. Only one other card has the right answser. The child with the correct answer card then reads their question. Check it out! I think I'm going to make a set of these for every unit!

I have, who has....ROCKS 



  1. What a fun adaptation! Do you know the book Agate by Joy Morgan Dey? It's about a Moose who feels like a tinker-toy project gone bad. Anyway, all of his friends are named after the birthstone gems and they all take turns trying to cheer him up. So it's a book you can use with a ROCKS unit but it's also got a self-esteem theme woven in! In the back, it talks about all of the rocks that are used for birthstones so your students could figure out their birthstones if they don't already know them!

  2. I LOVE these! I love I Have, Who Has cards for math, but never thought of using them for Science. This will be a fun way to learn about rocks!!! Thanks for sharing!

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  3. The whole idea was new to me, love the idea of using them for math!

    I've never heard of that book Barbara, but I'll check our library to see if the school has it. I wonder if I could get the jewelry store to come teach us about gems?!

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

    シ Tracey
    Our Cool School


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