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Student Checklists

I wanted to give my independent 3rd graders a way of holding themselves accountable during every segment of our D5 time since most of their work time I am coaching or conferring and not pacing around the room looking for kids to redirect. They have done a fabulous job at this for the most part, so this checklist is just to help them keep that focus going.

I am sharing it as a document, not as a pdf, so that it can be changed. My plan right now is to give every student 5, and 5 plastic sleeves to put them in and use expo markers to mark their sheets. I may use this temporarily, or I may change our goals, just depending on their needs as time goes by. I want every segment of their D5 time to be intentional, purposeful, on target and full of diligent work...and they do too! It's so satisfying to watch them at work!



  1. I figured out what some of the genre abbreviations stand for, but do you happen to have a list handy? Just wondering! By the way, thank you so much for sharing this document!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love this idea

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    Mel D
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