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CAFE menu and standards

I've finally begun adding my strategy cards to my CAFE board. Yee-haw!  I teach in a very standards driven school so adding the standards to my CAFE board was a no-brainer...why didn't I think of it the first time through? Live and learn! So I'm sharing my copy of my CAFE headings from my board.  The format gets messed up every time I load it up as a document to scribd or google docs, so I'm loading 2 files which are pdfs. 1 is the GPS 3rd grade version, one is a plain jane version with only the CAFE letters and titles, no standards. I will be sharing pictures this week of my classroom, now that we are finishing up our first 6 weeks and things are they way they are going to stay...I think. ;)



  1. Adorable!! What clipart is that? Too cute!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Thanks :) It's a combo of Fancy That and "hod".


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