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Main Idea D5 style!

One thing I'm enjoying about using the Daily 5 framework is how everything can be connected. We have been talking about Main Idea, and I wanted to see if the concept was understood, outside of the typical worksheet. I wanted to see it in action! I chose the book for "Listen to Reading" so I would know the story, I gave choices for the Buddy Read book, and they attached their writing sample so I could check for accuracy. The only thing I couldn't check for sure was the "Read to Self" book, and most of the books they are reading I am familiar with anyway! Here is the PDF.

My results...they totally get main idea. :)  They still need help on deciding what the "good" details are though, which details truly support the main idea, and which are just interesting details that make the story more memorable. So glad to have a direction to focus on, and not just spin my wheels. :)

Let me know how you teach "supporting details"...I'm open to suggestions!


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