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Little Ole Me

A lot of the teacher blogs I stalk read had posts yesterday called "Meet the Teacher Monday". It took me a while to catch on to what in the world was happening, and now I want to make room for one more :)

My real name is not Tracey. It's Tracesia. I swear! It's a made up name, I'm not sure how to pronounce it, and no one has ever called me by my legal name in my life...not even my mom when I was in big trouble.

I married a guy a met in kindergarten. We didn't date until college, and we've been married since 1994. I'm glad I got to watch him grow up, literally, into the man and father he is today. He's one of a kind. <3

 I've had plastic surgery before...on my finger. I wish it was more exciting, but when I was a kid my finger was injured in a door, and I had plastic reconstructive surgery, and it's still a tiny bit shorter than it's partner on my other hand.

I love driving fast, and when I was little I could fly. No really! I have such vivid memories of soaring over the tall golden hay in the field by my house, it has to be real! I do take it easy with the driving now, especially when my son is in the car...precious cargo and all!


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