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Georgia 3rd Grade Social Studies!

 Wow! School started back for me over a week ago, and since that time my husband (who is also a teacher) started coaching after school, my child started kindergarten, and I have been eye level deep in Georgia Performance Standards, curriculum, frameworks, labels, filing, technology issues, and NEW STUDENTS! I am coming up for a breath now, and starting to feel more comfortable in my new saddle on my new 3rd grade horse. I'm finding things every day I "need" and as I do, I promise to share.

One thing I want to try is a concept wall for social studies. I admit, and I not a history person. I married one, but I am a book person, a nature person, and hands-on-let-me-try person, so I often struggle to bring history alive and make it relevant. I am adding a concept wall to my classroom. These 6 concepts are laid out by the Georgia Performance Standards, and as we learn in our different units, I will let the students add artifacts to each section, and also record data in their concept logs (which basically are portable concept walls).

I'm sharing the labels I made for my walls, with graphics from Lettering Delights. Click here for the PDF. I know this is very specific for Georgia 3rd grade teachers, but I hope someone finds it helpful!


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