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They Say It's Your Birthday!

Today is my little boy's 6th birthday, and to celebrate it 'blog style' I wanted to link you up with some fun things you can do with your students or personal children, when their birthdays roll around. 
This Day in History from the History Channel: This site shows a short video of clips of different things that happened on...well...this day in history. Of course you need to preview it before you share it with students, but it's interesting, especially for upper elementary, or nerdy history loving lower elementary like my little history buff.
 Famous Birthdays gives a list and cute caricature!
July 06

  • 1987 Matthew O'Leary (actor)

  • 1952 Shelley Hack (actress)

  • 1952 Grant Goodeve (actor)

  • 1946 James Browning Wyeth (artist)
    1946 Sylvester Stallone (actor)

  • 1946 Fred Dryer (actor)

  • 1946 George W. Bush (president USA)

  • 1945 Burt Ward (Gervais) (actor)

  • 1937 Gene Chandler (Eugene Dixon) (singer)

  • 1937 Ned Beatty (actor)

  • 1935 Dalai Lama (spiritual leadre)

  • 1931 Della Reese (Deloreese Early) (singer)

  • 1927 Pat Paulsen (comedian)

  • 1927 Janet Leigh (Jeanette Morrison Reames) (actress)

  • 1927 Bill Haley (musician, singer)

  • 1927 Susan Cabot (actress)

  • 1925 Merv Griffin (singer, broadcaster)

  • 1922 William Schallert (actor)

  • 1921 Nancy Reagan (Anne Robbins-Davis) (actress)

  • 1918 Sebastian Cabot (actor)

  • 1915 LaVerne Andrews (singer)

  • 1909 Andrei Gromyko (Russian leader)

  • This Day in Music lets you look up the #1 song in America (or Australia and UK) on the day you were born.

    You can then go to sites like Full Songs and play the song for your child :)

    Happy Birthday to all the July 6ers out there, especially my sweet Ben!


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