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Redefining Recess and a Linky Party :)

So, I've never really had "recess" before as a teacher. We had "outside time" for 30-50 minutes a day in Pre-K. I would take out soccer goals, hula hoops, bubbles, trikes, basketballs, sand toys, even musical instruments and the children continued their learning through play outdoors. Now that I am faced with the time constraints of an older grade, I'm redefining recess.

I love being outdoors. Sunshine brightens my day. Birds singing puts a spring in my step. But let's face's Georgia and it is HAWT outside, I tell ya. I have to make the minutes we steal away to recess really count. There is 1 playground, but again...HAWT plastic slides...not so fun.

I spent some of my childhood in El Paso, Texas. They know a lot about HAWT. The black pavement on the playground would literally fry an egg. There were no shade trees. We all huddled in the shade that the school building provided, and so we learned to play games in small spaces, and since moving back from El Paso, I haven't seen a single child play my favorite game....