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Shazaam! A Giveaway!

When people hear the term "Graphic Novels", we definitely don't think "Oh I must have them available in my classroom"! The term sounds a little, well, graphic! On the other end of the spectrum when we hear "Comic Book", we think funny, simple and shallow reading. In reality, there is a happy medium, just with any genre of literature, where the student's reading level is met and the motivation is sky high!  Graphic novels are actually a type of comic books, only longer, thicker, and with a higher quality print/binding that traditional comic books.

Comic books make a wonderful bridge from picture books to chapter books for a child who is struggling to make that transition. They offer very interesting vocabulary. They are the hottest item in most libraries and they keep students motivated to read. Students who are ELL often find the picture prompts helpful in comprehending the story line. They lend themselves to sequences activities very easily. They have common literary themes such as reluctant heroes, mythology type heroes, working together, being different, etc. Don't forget the art aspect either! There are definitely students in our classroom who are artistically gifted who will be drawn to the wonderful illustrations.

Real comic book nerds will tell you there are only 2 choices when it comes to comics, DC or Marvel. I'm here to tell you there is more out there than that (thus proving I'm not a comic book nerd, right?). Here is a list a few great comic books appropriate for an elementary aged reader:


Magic Pickle

Alison Dare, Little Miss Adventures

To celebrate my love of literacy and all "funny" books in general, I will be having my first giveaway! Leave one comment each for "following" my blog, following my blog on Facebook, and tell me who is your favorite superhero/heroine of all times and why.  I will announce the winner Sunday night, after I get back from watching GREEN LANTERN!



  1. Hey Tracey!
    I love comic books and going to a comic book store is so much fun. They even have comics for soap operas now. I went to see Green Lantern today and it was awesome. I also went to see XMen and it was good too. Thor was better than all of them! So which one do I like better? Hmm, I would have to say Wonder Woman. I always wanted to turn in circles and hear that music. In fact I keep trying but the music must be low because I can't ever hear it!

    Pam : ) Your sister

  2. Robert says his favorite is Captain America. We can't wait to go watch that one next month.

  3. Love this blog! My favorite would have to be Thor... LOL, because I really don't have a fave and that is the one Michael suggested!

  4. I would have to say my favorite is the x-men characters. But JJ says his is the Green Lantern. So I'm going to go with the Green Lantern. :) I hope JJ is lucky enough to have you as a teacher in the future. Love the blog!!!
    Danielle Miley

  5. My favorite was the Incredible Hulk!

  6. Well, I always wanted to be Wonder Woman when I was a little girl 'cause she turned in a circle and sprouted boobs! (True story!) It never worked for me, hahahaha I also always really liked Aquaman 'cause he could breathe underwater. But my all time favorite, and I'm not sure it counts, is Super Grover. I loved him as a child and he still makes my heart sing (proof is that I heard his voice this morning when my kids were watching Sesame Street and it made me smile.)

  7. I asked the boys and they said Spiderman, because he shoots webs out of his hands and can climb buildings.

  8. I like the HULK!! Not so much now, but as little kid I LOVED to watch the show. If he was coming on TV, then I was in front of it even if that meant I had to leave my friend's house early!! LOL!! I even have a picture from when I was 2 in my "green" pjs, showing my arm muscles, and gritting my teeth!
    My 2 boys love superheros- Buzz Lightyear and the Power Rangers.....hasn't things changed so much??
    ~ Amy R. your 3rd grade team member!

  9. Hey hey!!! I love these books!!! I am definitely getting Tom the Bone one.. he'll love that.

    I need some advice though. Alex is reading at 1st Grade level so can read stuff like : I want to go to the store for some food. I like going shopping with my Mom and Dad. Etc. etc. Phonetic stuff he's really good at. He gets really bored by those 10 page one sentence Scholastic Books, but a lot of other books have too many big words for him so he gets frustrated with those too. Can you recommend something like this for him that's a little more involved than Owly, but not as involved and Bone???

    Thanks in advance, hon!!! <3 <3 <3

  10. Kerry, check out the "Buggy" books by Kevin O'Malley, Comic Adventures of Boots (wordless but still great for language and imagination), or Master Man by Aaron Shepard. Non comic book related, check out Margaret Hillert books. She has classic stories with decodable texts that sounds like just what Alex would enjoy. :)


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