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Restocking My Shelves

Over the past decade I have accumulated a great library of children's literature...great for early elementary classrooms. Moving up to 3rd grade has me reorganizing and re-purposing my books. I've also been scavenging the thrift stores (a hobby of mine) to find books for my incoming students to have available in our classroom. I got a big, brown bag of books from the local thrift store for $8.00! Happy, happy teacher! I also found the website that has decent prices for a "must have" book.

I'm wondering what to do with all my books I can't re-purpose? Hang on to them just in case?  Give them away on my blog? Give them away to another teacher or charity?  Try to swap them for other books? Put them in my class treasure box? I'm open to any suggestions!


  1. I would hang on to them....I have been moved from k-2 ESE, then to 3rd, now I'm in 4th!!! So ya never know....Also, I would keep them to give to students. With the economy so bad I had several parents tell me they didn't really have books for their child to do reading homework. I would put together a little collection of books for them to keep:)

  2. I think you are right! Besides, I love my books. Seeing them just disappear would be heartwrenching! Thanks Tara :)

  3. I scored a bunch of books at a thrift store (almost 100 for $20), and made "Thursday Book Bags" out of them (idea from Christina Bainbridge). Someone else in blogland didn't categorize her books like I did, but put a selection in a canvas bag. That's what I would do :)


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