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A Big Fish

For several years now I've been teaching the baby fish in a very, very large pond. I loved helping my students learn to read and all the things that go along with pre-k. Now, I get to teach my students to read to learn.

I am very excited about all the new information I will be teaching this year including the habitats of Georgia (think ooey gooey marshes of Savannah and beautiful mountains of North Georgia),  the writing process (think getting to express yourself on paper), multiplication, division, fractions (think Bill Gates type math $$) and democracy (think America, Paul Revere, Harriet Tubman, and freedom). Take all that and add in great books like Ramona Quimby, The Giver, even some Wimpy Kid! I think this year is going to be amazing!

I will be teaching the big a very, very big pond. Teaching 3rd excites me, energizes me, and keeps me up at night researching, brainstorming, and praying! Welcome to my journey. This little blue fish is becoming a big fish, in Mrs. Cleek's Cool School. Let's dive in!


  1. You are awesome! I don't wish that you had moved to 3rd grade sooner, because we wouldn't have had a chance to work together, but It would have been so much fun for you to have had Faith. There are certain people I think about when I think of teachers I want for them and you are definitely one of them. You have such a wonderful talent with children and I know any child who comes through your classroom will be truly blessed.

  2. Oh, and I just love your fish! Feeding them is a little bit addictive! :)

  3. We loved having you teach our little boy last year! Keeping fingers crossed that you get our 'big' girl this year :)


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