More School Food!

We have a new manager in our school cafeteria and every week we have new foods added to our school menu. This week I added pictures of Turkey & Cheese Pita, Chicken Filet Salad, Toasted Cheese Sandwich (not grilled cheese) and I corrected the Taco Bites picture. It looked nothing like the picture I had chosen.Click here for the new document. If you have printed everything so far, you will only need to print the last page to have the updates.



School Ten Frames Freebie

A great way to take attendance and get in some ten frame practice! I have an editable file on TpT (my first time as a seller on Tpt...although this is free)! Included is 1 school house with a 10 frame and 10 blank frames for student names or photographs. I included how to change the color of the school and the name of the school to match your actual building. I hope you enjoy! Click here to access the file. Please comment or follow me on TpT if you download this freebie. :)



More school food!

I have finished my first 3 days with students! Whoo hooo! Routines and procedures are being learned, friends are being made and the cafeteria is introducing a few new foods so I updated my school food file. Get the file with the added foods here.

Now back to my Lifetime Movie Network and vegging out on the couch. :)



My Calling

We had our first school wide pre-planning today and one of our wonderful administrators shared a video with us that gave me goosebumps and helped me refocus my thoughts and energy on my PURPOSE of teaching.

I am not a teacher because I love tests.
I am not a teacher because I love parents.
I am not a teacher because I love bulletin boards, or hot glue, or lesson plans, or standards, or cinder blocks walls.

I did not choose to become a teacher. I was called, and with a calling you just don't answer it once, you answer that calling every morning when you wake up and continue fulfilling your purpose.

Watch the video and be inspired!


 I remember when teaching chose me and throughout my life I wanted to be many things...but teaching never would let me go. I had years where I *should* have given up and taken jobs that were not teaching, but in my home state, near my family, but the call to teach would not let me go.  
I landed in Georgia through heartache, but it was God's plan all along, and each child I have taught was placed in my classroom and in my life by divine intervention. I try to help them reach their potential and they are helping me reach mine too! I get to meet my newest helpers in less that 24 hours. They are smothered, covered, and even chunked in prayer (that's a Waffle House reference for those of you NOT from the south). If you have a second...say a prayer for me, for my students, for their parents...and let me know you did so I can return the favor!



My First Reading Log

I whipped up a Reading Log that helps track what type of reading students are doing at home. Are they being read to, reading with help, or reading to someone independently? It also gives a place for children to rate their book. I left a blank on the left edge for hole punching in class you use your reading logs in a folder or binder.